Our Event Halls in Trichy

Abi Hall

Explore the intimate elegance of Abi Hall, spanning 480 sq. ft. and accommodating up to 40 guests. Ideal for conferences and intimate gatherings, this event venue in Trichy boasts essential amenities like projectors and audiovisual equipment, ensuring seamless events in a cosy setting where every detail is meticulously attended to.

abi mini hall 5

Rooftop Hall

Experience grandeur in the expansive Rooftop Hall, sprawling over 1200 sq. ft. and accommodating up to 230 attendees. With air-conditioning and top-notch amenities including projectors and audiovisual equipment, it's the perfect hall in Trichy for large-scale social gatherings and events, promising an unforgettable experience in a stunning setting with panoramic views.

HallsSizeFloating CrowdTheatre SettingCluster SettingClassroom Setting
Abi Hall480 sq. ft.80403040
Rooftop Hall1200 sq. ft.500200180200

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