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Our banquet hall in Chennai is capable of hosting over 600 guests, making it perfect for corporate, business, and social gatherings. It boasts state-of-the-art banquet facilities, luxurious seating, and elegant interior design, highlighted by a striking chandelier, ensuring an impressive setting for any event.

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Nemo Hall

Nemo Hall in Chennai is perfect for close gatherings, comfortably accommodating up to 30 guests. Designed with small meetings and conferences in mind, it features a large table for productive discussions, advanced facilities, and a stylish interior. Nemo Hall provides a professional and inviting atmosphere, ensuring a successful and memorable event.

HallsSizeFloating CrowdTheatre SettingCluster SettingClassroom Setting
Nemo Hall420 sq. ft.30251015
Cassia 11280 sq. ft.1501004030
Cassia 21520 sq. ft.2001507045
Cassia 31188 sq. ft.1501205535
Cassia 1, 2 & 33988 sq. ft.600500165180

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